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If you have been seriously injured in a car accident that was caused by someone else's negligence, you deserve to be compensated for medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering.

We offer free initial consultations during which we can answer many of your questions. If necessary due to injuries, we can meet with you at a hospital or at your home if that is more convenient.

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Finger, Melnick, Brooks & LaBruce offers a wide variety of real estate-related legal services for individuals, businesses and developers alike. Our attorneys have a breadth of experience in residential and commercial real estate closings, as well as significant experience in more complicated real estate issues such as condemnations, distressed property workouts, land development, construction matters, property owners association representation, and unconventional financing structures.

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At Finger, Melnick, Brooks & LaBruce, we take a comprehensive approach to serving our business clients by providing a wide variety of services beginning with entity selection and start-up, providing general counsel to businesses in a variety of industries, specific transactional counsel on sales, purchases and mergers.

We represent a large number of businesses in the Lowcountry and beyond.

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We assist clients in all their Criminal Defense Law needs, from traffic violations to general sessions, DUI defense in both state and federal courts.    

We have a "client comes first" approach and our objective is to provide a personal touch to every case by listening carefully to our clients and protecting their interests.

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Construction law regularly involves complex cases with extensive use of industry jargon. The construction law attorneys at Finger, Melnick, Brooks & LaBruce, P.A., have a comprehensive understanding of both the technical aspects of construction and the construction industry in general. 

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Interaction with Local Government and its various agencies can present a complex maze for individuals and businesses to negotiate.    

Our experience and expertise allows us to facilitate these processes for you whether they involve permitting, zoning, compliance or other issues.

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Our Homeowners Association Attorneys are proactive problem solvers who are adept at spotting small concerns before they become expensive problems. As with all legal matters that we work on, we make every effort to bring the cases involving homeowners association issues to an expedient resolution. However, we are always prepared to argue your case in court if necessary.

There is no question that everyone should have a will.  There are several other documents that are executed in conjunction with your will and provide you, and others, with appropriate guidance should the need arise.   Schedule an appointment to meet with us so we can help you decide exactly what you need and how to accomplish this as economically as possible.  

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